"We thank you for making our wedding day more beautiful than we ever imagined...We will carry the magical sound of your trumpets with us forever. Thank you for giving us the most emotional and spectacular day of our lives."

Paige and Joel Quirt

"Thank You for the great job Classic Brass did at out graduation ceremony. The students and parents really enjoyed your presentation. I'd be happy to share this with anyone interested in hiring for future events."

Liora Gutierrez, Assistant Dean, UCSD

"I know you must have received nothing but compliments for the way the group sounds... Let me just be among those many...It's been a long time since I've heard this kind of ability and sound."

Dutch Adler—Music & Entertainment, New York City

"Judging from the flood of compliments you received from our guests, your performace was an outstanding success."

E. Stumm, President, Composite Optics, Inc.

"Your program offered a tremendous variety. Thanks to dedicated and caring musicinas like yourselves, we were able to have a successful
concert series."

Suzanne Kennedy, Professor of Music, SDSU

The music was magnificent and this was due in no small measure to the talent and professionalism of Classsic Brass. Thank You for helping to make this day such a memorale one.

D.E. Prisby, Father of the Bride

We would like to thank you for the beautiful music you played for our wedding on June 13th. It was like out of a fairy-tale!

Joseph and Angelina Romero-Kressin